Monday, November 29, 2010

Pen and Ink

I started addressing Christmas cards today.  Many years ago, this was such a pleasure - reconnecting with people known over the years - separated by time and distance.  But now, with the advent of the internet, we use social networks and email to keep us closer to those people in real time.  So, the card and inclusion of photos or a newsletter may seem unnecessary now. 

There are several people on my list who aren't into the internet scene, so I will send cards to those and await a card in return from them.  Snail mail to and from with possibly one snippet of their lives  scribbled on a greeting card exhorting me to have a joyous Christmas season.  It would be great if they had an email account so I could connect with them more often, to share experiences lost in a few scant lines of greeting.

There are even family/friends who will send their Christmas cards with merely a name signed under the obligatory "Merry Christmas".  So, we learn even less of them.  Well, only that they still breathe and can address an envelope - not to mention lick a stamp.  We can only guess what they have been doing the past year.  Perhaps we don't need to know.  Perhaps they think their life is uninteresting to us - but more likely the truth is they are squeezed in the hustle and bustle of life in the modern Christmas season and their time is precious.  Of course - I am grateful to get a card! 

And the cards are all read and reread - then tucked lovingly away to read again throughout the cold winter months as we appreciate the precious time they took to address a beautiful card just for us.

I was curious - so I looked to see where my cards were made... YES, "Made in USA"! 

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