Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nearly Perfect

How can I describe today?  Gorgeous, beautiful, nearly perfect? 
Yep, all of that and more! 

Sweetz left for awhile, so I'm spending the day alone. 
Well, I thought so. 
He drove in around lunchtime on his way to the next appointment and munched a meatball sub - 
then whizzed out for another errand. 

And he found me WORKING.  He must have been impressed!  hehe  Well, probably not but I was in the front yard with the leaf blower.  Finished the front when I got those leaves in a pile and hopefully he will help me get them moved to his big leaf pile when he gets home.

Last evening we drove to a local ice cream shoppe to meet another couple.  We sat with them at a booth and talked over ice cream creations until the place closed.  We haven't known each other long, so it was fun to learn about them and their experiences and found out we used to live fairly close to each other outside of Washington DC.  Well, that was many moons ago.  We moved, they stayed.

Tomorrow we are meeting our son for lunch to celebrate his birthday.  Not sure which office he works in, but we'll figure that out tonight when we talk with him to finalize the details.  Who knows - maybe he'll suggest we meet him at a restaurant instead of us having to battle downtown traffic.  Before we get there we need to pick up a BD card and a gift card.  We're thinking a Lowes gift card is a fab choice.  There's a neat little shop around the corner from Lowes where we can get a birthday card.
Anyway, he'll tear into the card and it probably won't be read again anyway. 
It's a guy thing.

Gotta say, it's nice to be able to do things like this during the day - and I'm very thankful! 

Thursday, I'm scheduled to meet a friend for lunch. She has a physician appointment in our area so we'll take advantage of this to get together.   

7:30pm update:  I blew the leaves from the sides and back yards and Sweetz helped me move them to the leaf pile in the back yard when he got home.  When that was done, I came inside and heated up some leftover meatloaf and veggies.  Thank goodness I had them from last night's supper, or there would be Campbell's soup on the table tonight. Whew, I am bone tired.  I am so tired I do not want to finish cleaning the dishes or the kitchen.  I am so tired I want to vegetate.  I am tired... 

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  1. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing