Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lunch At A Hunting Club

Sweetz, Mom, and I were invited for lunch at an exclusive hunting club out in the country.  The estate was originally owned by a local  family and used as a dairy farm.  About two years ago it was sold and has been redirected as a elite hunting club.  There is a huge and stately country home, a separate lodge, numerous outbuildings for 4-wheelers, trucks, equipment, etc.  There are spacious rolling country vistas 360*.  Wow, nice.  I took a few pictures but no photos can truly capture the essence of the place.  But I tried!

There is a large fireplace with deer, moose, reindeer, ducks, etc. stuffed and hanging on high walls, an antler chandelier, knotty pine paneling, antler/metal/slate coffeetable, massive comfy recliners, a camo telephone...

I could write on and on about all the unique things in the lodge but hopefully a few photos can fill in some of the sights we saw in the lodge, gun club rooms, and expansive views for miles across private rolling hills.  Who knew all this beauty was hidden behind a set of touch pad gates!

Oh, and the lunch was beyond fabulous! 

As an update on our son's condition following his auto accident last night, he is doing fine, no broken bones, sore in his lower back, resting on ice packs, with only a couple of Motrin to ease the discomfort.  We are so thankful God protected him during this time. 

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