Monday, November 15, 2010

A Soft Place To Rest Her Head

I got to mom's early and we had plenty of time to prep the house for the men to take out the old mattress and set up the new one.  She was so excited.  Yep, it was delivered today, right on time. 

I took a few pictures so she could remember the day. 
After the deliverymen left, we put her mattress pad on

and then sheets plus a light quilt

and then the bedspread and her decorative pillows

See her smile!!?!

She wanted me to play the piano awhile, so I gave her a long "concert" and she enjoyed it all she said.  She kept asking me to play the same song over and over again so I did as long as she asked.  We decided to go out for lunch at a new little diner so while she got ready, she wanted me to continue playing.  She never mentioned the wrong notes either!  

We ate at the little diner which features southern cooking and it was quite good, then we drove around a bit to enjoy the last few days of autumn leaf beauty.  It was raining lightly and I thought it enhanced the gorgeous red leaves. 

The red maples are ever so pretty this year and our neighborhood boasts some of the prettiest yellow maples.  And the dogwoods are soooo pretty this year cloaked in their red splendor!  And did I mention the gorgeous reds of the oaks?  Ahhh, they are heavenly too.  It's eye candy pure and simple. 

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