Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Bit of Christmas Shopping

For the females on my Christmas gift list I like to find unique items at area craft sales and Church bazaars.  Today I headed out to two such places - one was our county's Cooperative Extension craft sale where I purchased several items which I will give as gifts.  The second stop was a church bazaar in town where I found several great deals.  I did notice very few people were shopping.  Too bad, because there were some quality handmade items at decent prices.  Plus they were made right here in America.  It was a good feeling to support US citizens instead of buying things shipped in from other countries.  Bet the big box stores were full of shoppers.  That's ok for some things, but wish others would take advantage of the homegrown crafters in the area too.

I'm still spending way too much time with my DayQuil and NyQuil bottles but hopefully this head cold will die a natural death soon.  

Thinking about my germs jumping to others, I have decided to not go to church nor eat out with friends tomorrow so they can't blame me for any sickie gremlins.  No use being in close confines with friends who might take offense.  Actually, I wish others would have the same respect for me, but sometimes we forget we can transmit them so easily.  Of course, Sweetz has not gotten this and for that I'm tickled.  I'm a stickler for washing my hands/covering my coughs, etc. all the time so I know it wouldn't be easy for him to get this gunk from me.  Plus the smooches have been air borne from afar.  He seldom gets a cold, not sure how he is able to avoid them, but wish I knew.  

Sweetz is checking out RV magazines and the atlas tonight across the table from me.  Wonder what he is finding so interesting?  Maybe I can peer over the top of this laptop to see what state he's checking out.  Ahhh, looks like Georgia, that would be the beginning of our western ho trip. Love it when he's checking routes - makes me feel the next trip won't be so long in coming... 

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