Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Rainy Day at Home

Yesterday while sitting in the Express Lube waiting room, I glanced around and saw this notice.  Nice to be reminded of the steps to take.  To get my car registration plus this inspection required me to slide out a total of $52 from my retiree wallet.  Hope I didn't leave too many cheese and cracker crumbs on the floor as I munched on my make-shift lunch.  Yep, planned ahead for this money$aving lunch.  Even brought a travel mug filled with tea.  If I hadn't been so busy eating, I might have gotten up to take pictures of the car inspection process through the long wall of windows.  But it was interesting to watch those efficient young guys in their crisp company uniforms make quick work of the inspection step. About the time I finished my snappy lunch, the inspection was finished.  The only step left was for $30 to leap from my wallet to his greasy hand.   

A sign I saw while getting my car inspected - yep I got 'er done!
Today was a rainy day with the drops beginning about 7am which started slowly and then quickly escalated to a decent rain.  Occasionally we had some serious downpours while at other times it barely fell from the clouds.  However it arrived, I was thankful.   I took some pictures from the porch.

One big wet leaf

I 'practiced' taking pictures today.  Yipes, still having trouble getting the focus I desire!  Am thinking I'm too close but that's the kind of pictures I want.  Surely I don't always want distant shots.  Might be time to pull out the Owner's Guide.  Bummer - really wanted to conquer the camera functions myself, but right now I'm ready for good pictures, whatever that requires.

Can you see the daddy long legs spider on the pillar?  He found a nifty dry spot to wait out the rain

Leaves on a wet sidewalk

Fall banner waiting to be hung. 

The summery banner which is now flapping around on the front porch needs to be replaced with this flag.  It's of a cart loaded with pumpkins.  This should definitely move us into the fall spirit.  As soon as the rain stops or there is a lull in the downpours tomorrow, one of us will exchange banners.  Well, that's the plan - and it's always good to have a plan.  I have a little fall banner too - it is covered in colorful autumn leaves but that one will fly in the backyard. 

Tonight's salad

I fixed a scrumptious supper tonight.  Sure was tasty.  It included some leftovers but they were disguised as new items and we were both fine with that.  It was soooo gooood that I nearly fooled myself.  Sweetz was smiling and enjoying the feast of chicken and shrimp over rice. 

There was a couple of moments this afternoon when I thought seriously about baking some sugar cookies, but that didn't "pan" out.  Nope, had the blahs today and wasn't in the mood.  Anyway, neither one of us needed any cookies to stick to our middles.  But doesn't it sound like a good idea?  I even have a cookie cutter in the shape of a maple leaf that I purchased last year in the mountains of Virginia.  Haven't used it yet and it's about time to bake leaf cookies I'd say.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day.  Lots of maybes. 

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