Monday, September 13, 2010

At The Lake

Our site's beach at sunset
Sweetz and I had a great time at Kerr Lake campground the past week.  Very relaxing.  The only thing I missed at the state park/campground was the lack of wifi.  I do not have air card so had to make trips into the nearest town (McDonald's, library, BBQ restaurant) to get free wifi a few times.  Didn't want to go crazy during the internet withdrawal/blackout days.  Wow, it's difficult without the internet.  I must really get more serious with my research in how to rectify my situation, especially before our western trip.  I could see that others had wifi but they all had their accounts blocked and that's understandable.  But I must admit I had visions of visiting some of our neighboring campers to make friends in order to use their wifi.  Nope, I didn't.  I maintained my distance but even Sweetz could tell it really bothered me to be without my precious internet.  He even said that I should get internet access before our trip west.  Ahhhh, sweet words from Sweetz.

Our private get-away
It was a neat place and I really enjoyed our stay.  A few more days would have been even better.  We decided we needed to practice for our western trip.

There were deer that wandered the campground, not too close but close enough to enjoy their antics.  I did not take any pictures of them - but allowed them to relax and go where they wanted.  One day we saw about 10 of them standing in the road, but they moved away when we proceeded through them.  Another day they came down to the lake right at our site to get a drink of water, then wandered away down the beach.  Another day, there were several maybe 20 feet from the camper, their little white tails flicking nervously.

Two days I saw a neighboring camper in "our" piece of the lake who lathered his head with shampoo, then dunked a few times to rinse it.  Stupid I would say since there was a perfectly clean and decent bathhouse a mere walking distance from his camper.  But he was having fun so I didn't say anything.  

We were given the "senior rate".  Yahooo, for being seniors.  Think we saved about $6 a night so that was a significant amount over our 5 nights.  The weekend was the busiest, but was really quiet during the weekdays.  We arrived on a  Wednesday and left on a Mon, so we were able to enjoy the peaceful campground several weekdays.  We decided we would try to schedule our next trip for Sun - Fri.  Two biker couples arrived one day and moved in....yes, where else but...right next to us!  They did not honor the quiet hour - but stayed outside at the picnic table and enjoyed their fire while they talked and laughed until...nearly 3am!  The next night we kept the AC on all night to muffle their noise.  Oh well, every one needs some down time, so we were nice to them.  Maybe they will realize what they did one day and will strive to be better camper neighbors. 

The days were warm, the nights perfect.  A raccoon ate the containers of worms that Sweetz had bought to use fishing the next day.  Oh well, he used a black plastic worm instead of buying more, and he actually caught many more fish with it.  He threw them all back so we ate no fish while there.  That's ok, my cooking is pretty good.  Some of the campers had boats they moored at the sites and they seemed to have a great time riding and tubing and fishing.  Nope, I'm not wanting a boat at this point.  But some FT bloggers have kayaks and that might be something to explore.  Are there kayaks built for retirees / old geezers?  Maybe a canoe would be a better choice for us...

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