Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drip, Drip

We have a reprieve in rain for a day but our 2-day slow rain was lovely and appreciated.  Mr. Weatherman predicts one day of sun and then back to rain.  My mouth will be closed to grumbling - I've loved this rain because we needed it so much here in our area.  I saw a map of other cities this morning and we are actually doing quite well in rainfall amounts compared to other cities in our state. 

I took a little walk through our wet grass this morning to check the level in the rain gauge and to snap a few pictures of this and that.  I'm still trying to conquer my new camera but got a few good shots and a few that saw the light of day only until I could hit the delete button.  My Nikon D3000 doesn't perform quite the same as the old D50, but I'll keep snapping and trying to conquer its more sensitive settings.  Might have to dust off the book that came with it.  But I'm really a hands-on person but occasionally will consult the book on an issue or two.  Really would like a mini class again like I had with the D50.  In the meantime while striving for the elusive goal of perfection, I'll enjoy the journey. 

It seems most of my grass seed around the patio remains in place although some will need to be swept back into the dirt on the up slope side.  Surely another handful of seeds here and there will guarantee better coverage too.  Best to wait until the rain is over though or I'll be sweeping and sowing again.  

Last night I met two girlfriends from where I used to work for a leisurely dinner at Red Lobster.  Sure was nice to get together with them - plus the food and service was excellent.  We sat and chatted for over 3 hours!!  Only good friends can spend that much time together.  It was a bit hairy at times driving home after 9:30pm in the rain but thankfully few drivers were on the road.  And it was comforting to pray for safety while at the same time packing my piece.  Can't be too lax these days.  

Possibly the last hydrangea of this year

3.3 inches of rain in two days

An autumn bud

A bee waiting to warm up and dry off before he hits the flowers

Perky bloom after a rain

A porch tomato
 Mom called and said she's having trouble with her home phone so I need to head to her house to check that out.  She's leaving in a bit to meet a lady for lunch and an afternoon of shopping.  I'm thankful she's still able to get out and about so well at 88.  There are a couple of things on my errand list so that can be my afternoon agenda.  Might as well get moving to get those done before the rain returns tomorrow.  And it's a perfect 68* outside now; that definitely needs to be experienced after our hot summer/early fall days.   

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