Friday, September 24, 2010

RV Show

Sweetz and I went to an RV show today.  We've attended at least one a year for the past 5 years.  Today is was noticeably different in that (1) the number of RVs on display were down more than 50%.  (2)All were new, there wasn't a used camper on site.  (3) There was only a sprinkling of customers.  (4)The salespeople were not aggressive but just sat in a chair outside and said hello as we passed.  (5) Fewer vendors participated.  Oh well, it was interesting and worth a day's entertainment.  Sweetz found two motorhomes he liked...except for the price.   Um, looks like we'll hang onto ours or see if a private owner will give us more incentive to part with some money on an older model.

Probably just a mite over our budget!

A nice interior

Lined up outside waiting for buyers

Sweetz likes this one too!

When we left, we went to a seafood restaurant for a late lunch.  After some tasty munching, we decided to check out some stores to look for patio furniture.  Most stores were sold out of these seasonal items but finally found some Sweetz and I both liked.  We both surprised ourselves and each other by choosing 3 colors instead of just getting them in the same color.  Wow, we were laughing about how we seemed to have jumped right out of our conservative skin today. 

We also found two metal tables.  I decided to leave the little one as is but sprayed the bigger square table (20" glass top) a glossy black to match the frames of the bright chairs.  It didn't make the pictures since it was drying right out of view.  Sweetz thinks a few tiki lamps would be nice around the perimeter to let those pesky mosquitoes know they aren't welcome at our firepit party. 

There was no fire tonight, but we put a new cover on the firepit and hung a little windchime along the border while we sat and chatted.  Tomorrow I'll try to figure out some landscaping to spruce up the look and see if tiki poles are the right idea.  I might keep the bigger table there and move the little one to the front porch.  Decisions, decisions: life is sometimes a matter of switching things around to find the best fit.

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