Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Feeling Like Fall

There were some area fall festivals today but Sweetz didn't feel the urge to go.  That was surprising, since he has enjoyed attending these for quite a few years.  Oh well, I let that issue go.  That's not the mountain on which I wish to die.  But there's a fall festival in Mt. Airy next Saturday so he would like to attend that one.  And we'll meet our son and his family there.  Won't that be nice?  Fall festivals are usually a pleasure to attend - roasted corn on the cob, caramel apples, peanuts, homemade ice cream, hot dogs, handmade items, music in the square, people watching.  Yep, they are usually a great way to spend a crisp fall day.  Also, a bag of apples to take home is a great way to complete the experience.  And the Blue Ridge Parkway is usually a hop and skip away and it's nice to see something different from my routine travels. 

There was a huge and I mean HUGE spider web above the garden this morning.  We admired how it was made and even from our back door, we could see the large spider holding court in the center.  It went from the power line all the way down to the tomato plants.  I tried to capture a picture of it, but nothing I did rewarded me with a decent picture.  Then this afternoon, the web had somehow mysteriously disappeared.  Wonder what happened to it? Sweetz finally sheepishly wondered if he accidentally destroyed it when he was working below it in the garden.  Ms. Spyder will probably build one just as large by morning.  That will be one the first things I look for as soon as the sun rises over the garden.  And hopefully I can get a picture.

Sweetz and I worked in the back yard today.  He spent time in the garden while I worked in my potted plants readying them for their winter respite.  I pruned, cleaned, snipped, and moved some things.  Whew, where did this spurt of energy come from?  Some of the pots will be brought inside and mom has graciously agreed to care for them during the time we are away.  Yep, for now, we're still planning a winter getaway. 

It's been a bit chilly today - well, anything would seem chilly after the upper 90* temps for months on end.  It is now 63* and I've been drinking hot tea to stay warm.  Tomorrow our church is having its annual picnic at a nearby camp and I have been asked to take a side dish or dessert.  Now, what should I take?  Was thinking I might bake a batch of cookies.  That way, I can enjoy munching on a few and take the rest.  And...I won't be tempted to eat the rest of the batch.

Friday was my first trip to the grocery store in several years.  Sweetz has been taking care of that task while I worked FT.  Wow, it was eye-opening!  Like for instance - sugar.  I had no idea it cost so much now for a bag of sugar.  It was running a few pennies over $1 when I last bought 5 lbs.  You can tell how long ago that was.  I noticed shoppers thumbing through coupon holders, checking the sales brochures, and carts heavy with 2 for 1 items.  I used my shopper's card and hopefully that saved me some money since I soon gravitated to the store brand and the items I needed with special pricing.  Whew, this will be a learning experience for me but the art of locating bargains came back pretty quickly once I got in the swing of things. 

Holly and squirrel have a stand-off

Fall banner is now hanging on the front porch

Several layers of reflections

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