Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cozy Things

Yesterday Sweetz and I went with the senior group from our new church for a day's outing.  Had a great time with them - they are a sweet bunch who accepted us into their group just as if they've known us all their lives.  Can't say I've had that feeling with any other church in the past.  There was a lot of teasing and chatting so we quickly felt right at home with them. That's the way church members ought to treat everyone, not exclude new members.  And it was a wake-up call to me to remember to welcome the newer members so they feel comfortable.  This seems to be a nice church and I'm feeling more like I'd ready to join.  I really meant to take pictures yesterday but it was such a great day, I just ended up enjoying the experience and didn't want to stop to take pictures. 

We went to a darling shop with a variety of items from plants to kitchenware to jewelry to fabrics to decorations to unique food items and everything in between.  We ate lunch together at one table and it was such fun to be with them.  A few other stops included an Amish market and a big discount store.  We came home with candy, books, pasta, and bagel chips.  I looked for a pair of pinking shears but the fabric store didn't have them, so will just have to keep looking.  There's always the option of buying online. The group is planning a trip in October to Mabry Mill up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I've been there lots of times, but it sounds like a great way to enjoy another day with a wonderful bunch of people.

Today Sweetz and I worked in the backyard to make a patio large enough for a fire pit and a few chairs.  Certainly sounds like fun to be able to sit around the fire and roast marshmallows and hot dogs while watching the night creep in.  We enjoy doing this when we're camping so thought we'd enjoy that same fun in our own backyard.  It's lots of work digging up the grass, leveling the ground, leveling a layer of sand and setting those pavers level.  I doubt we're doing a job with the leveling part to warrant an A in Yard Improvement 101, but it'll be ok for us. 

Removed the grass and leveled the area

Here I am sweeping sand in the cracks - we're about half done but loved seeing how it would look when finished
During one of my rest periods today I started another library book - only to find out it was one I had already read.  Of all the thousands of novels in our hometown library, what's the chance of that?  And it was a good one too as I recall.  Oh well, I have two more left in my book tote so I'll work on one of those two later this evening. 

A nice way to spend some free time

I've been looking at a photographer's website for over a year and really enjoying her growth.  Wow, she sure has a way with capturing unique angles and use of light.  Really makes me know there is certainly room for improvement in my photographs.  I've not taken the courses she has but I will continue to look at her shots and hope I can learn through observation.  Will improvement come?  Well, only time will tell.  Think I should ask her what she thinks of MY photos?  Ouch, nope, not ready for that criticism yet!

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