Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Normal

I'm in least it is my Normal during this my Quitment Phase. 

Truthfully, I must admit this Phase is nice.  Although I've noticed I can't say much to the working folk or the young how much I AM enjoying life right now.  Not just's definitely nope.  It doesn't go over well as they ALMOST do a total eye roll.  Perhaps they are jealous of my peace and stage in life.  Maybe they hate their job and no longer want to be on the work treadmill. Well, it just takes a few years to be where I sit.  Could it be people find it difficult to comprehend anything beyond their own experience?   

You mosey on down the road a few curves and suddenly the old geezer in the mirror is someone comfortable in their own skin from the curves that old buggy's been down.  We're wiser than our gray hair indicates.  I won't have my mind for many more years if you believe what you hear and read. 

Why just yesterday I read I lost 50% of my memory by the time I turned 50. 

OK, remind me where I am.  Oh yeah, in Normalcy.  Right.  I will still smile and say hello and wave and now after only 4 months in my Quitment Phase, I DON'T talk about my peaceful life to just anyone. 

A normal evening at the campground
In preparation for our planned western trip, Sweetz spent a bit of time under the RV hood checking out plugs and wires and connections and such.  He decided he'd change the plugs and wires (actually MY idea) so off we went to Auto Zone to get some of the necessary items.  The cute girl working the counter wasn't much help with our needs so he's prodding me to look up items when I have no idea what he's wanting.  Somehow he assumes I know what size, catalog number, brand, etc.  I'm good, but heavens maybe not quite THAT GOOD.  After all, I lost 50% of my brain when I turned 50.  OK, I found what he wanted so he's happy for the moment.  It's always good to have a happy Sweetz.  Life is back to Normal again.  Next he'll be asking me when supper will be ready.  

Remind me what constitutes a normal supper...

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