Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grandparents Day at School

It was nice to be invited by our son/wife to the grandsons' school today for the Grandparents Day celebration. 

We picked up some McDonald's Happy Meals and headed to the school and got there 15 min early.  While we waited, we watched one of the most organized, quietest, and functional schools I have ever seen.  Maybe I've just been away a long time, but I was certainly impressed.  All the children walked orderly and respectfully.  There was no disruption of any kind.  I peeked in some of the other classrooms and they were all quietly at work, each child behaving and doing their own work.  What a pleasure. 

We were able to enjoy lunch with Nathan where we joined him in his classroom.  

After that Nolan found us and we joined him for lunch in the cafeteria.  It was great to be with both of the boys and have some time with two of the cutest and smartest boys this side of the Mississippi River.  We were able to see their rooms and how their school days flow from one subject to another with extremely organized and efficient teachers!  There was even a treat given to the grandparents before we left for the day. 

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