Thursday, September 23, 2010

Needed Cleaning

Wow, this title will surely scare the masses away.  Maybe even me.  But after two days' marathon working on the patio project, I needed a rest.  But that was easier planned than implemented.  Since I really don't like sitting around doing nothing, it was time to chase the broom.  So, about half of the downstairs square footage felt the wrath of my cleaning spree.  Oh, it was needed before now, believe me.  But with my quick jump as a new member into the Quittee Group, I wasn't in much of a mood to do all the required cleaning this house requires.  Even told Sweetz when I quit work that I would clean upstairs and he could clean the lower level.  That obviously didn't drift past the outer orb of his ears since he has not been bitten by the cleaning bug since May.  Well, a bit here and there, of course, cleaning especially before someone was expected, etc. But I found the hidden needs - behind each piece of furniture.  He obviously has not felt that moving items was part of the cleaning plan.  I didn't get too deep myself but feel a layering plan is the best for my nature.  You know, a layer today and then a few days later, a deeper layer.  After all, I'm "retired".  Life is definitely too short to spend it in a spotless house.

We had a humdinger of a storm last night.  It tiptoed through the radars and even the weather and local channels did not appear to give it much more than a swipe of notice.  Well, it barreled through here.  First with some rumblings which quickly got louder and then before I knew it the lightning was illuninating the night sky like fireworks on the Fourth.  Even though it was not a smart move, I couldn't keep away from looking out - sometimes with the door open.  Actually, it was to see the rain that we so desperately needed.  But there was no rain at first - just lots of wind. 

My nearly 10ft patio tomato plant blew over which snapped its lifeline so that's history.  Just as well, it's late in the season and there were only little tomatoes on the highest branches.  The last 3 tomatoes I picked were out of my reach and I had to get a ladder!  Now, I'd say that was tall. The peppers and another tomato are doing fine, so I'll not shed any tears.  The plants in the garden are doing much better anyway.  But these were planted more for entertainment than actual produce.  Who am I kidding?  Of course they were for produce. Everything else apparently survived nicely.  Eventually the rain arrived.  Fast, blustery, and a good downpour - accompanied by the still present lightning strikes.  Again I was at the door, but finally decided I was pleased with the rain - when at that very moment I saw the cage of the tall tomato fall over onto the kitchen patio.  Oh well, it was fun while it lived.  We  even got small hailstones for a few minutes.  They lasted only a few seconds and I couldn't even save any before they melted in the warm rain.

Mom and I are going out for dinner somewhere in a few minutes even though I'm not experiencing hunger pangs.  But getting out for awhile will be nice.  Perhaps I can limit my intake to tea and a serving of fruit or salad.  Ya think? 

This weekend Sweetz and I are planning to attend an RV Show.  Ummm, now that should be entertaining.  It should actually be fun to see all the beautiful campers and RVs inside.  But perhaps we should just stay outside in the open area and look at all the used ones.  Well, it might just be enough to look and know ours isn't so bad after all.  Small - or maybe that's the new cozy.  Used - or maybe that's the new tested.  Older - or maybe that's the new vintage.  Well, for sure, it will be an experience for both of us.  And in keeping with fixed income geezers, I intend to print two online admission coupons to save us a few buck$.  Who knows, there might be a geezer roadmobile just right for us. 

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