Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life's a Cycle

Today has been beautiful: of those lovely days that hint of a change in the seasons.  First the humidity was low, the sky was a clear blue, and temps below simmering.  It's extremely dry here to the point that we are beginning to really need some rain.  But no rain is on the forecast for the next week.  Oh well, we will await the rain with thankful hearts when it does arrive.  The garden is nearly done. 
Only a few tomatoes and peppers are left. 

Speaking of tomatoes... 

A neighbor told us that her grandson works for the agriculture department and he said a black walnut tree is toxic to tomatoes grown under or near it. I don't take everything people tell me as gospel so I did an online search of several agricultural websites. 

Whammo, it's TRUE!  

OK, so maybe THAT'S the problem with our tomatoes.  As our black walnut at the edge of the garden grows each year, so our tomato plants exponentially wither and die.  We have experimented with exchanging soil, type of tomatoes, more water, etc. only to be met with the same result.  So, this year in addition to the changes, as an experiment, we planted a few of the same tomato plants in our flower beds scattered around the yard.  Wow, what a difference - healthy tomato plants with nice tomatoes in every other location.  So, seems we have solved the mystery. 

Next we are faced with solution options: the tree or the garden tomatoes.  Since we have black walnut trees in two other locations, my option would be to remove the one at the edge of the garden.  Sweetz is saddened by that option since those are his babies he grew from tiny seedlings given to us by an uncle years ago.  That same uncle gave us an old wooden plow he once used with a mule on his own farm. We proudly used that old wooden plow to hold our mailbox for many years.  

Our son arrived last night for supper along with an old HS buddy.  This same guy used to come to our house all during their HS years and we played many a game of spades at the kitchen table deep into the wee hours of the morning.  And this guy is super intelligent.  Needless to say, we all wanted him on our spades team!  So, it was wonderful to see him again last night.  He told us that he didn't get along well with his own parents during those years and loved spending his evenings here with us. But he had an "awakening" while driving one night a few years ago listening to the words of a song on the radio.  He immediately realized the problem he had with his parents 

--- was mostly his fault. 

So, he and his parents buried the past and are now enjoying a renewed and healthy relationship. 
Isn't it wonderful to have a happy ending to a story! 
If only all families could enjoy such strong relationships. 

After our young friend left for his home in the eastern part of our state, our son remained and we talked until 2am.  I'm sure his wife wasn't happy with him staying out so late but Brian sure seemed to enjoy himself as he reminisced his childhood years, our vacations, previous homes, friends, family, schools, etc.  Tonight is his 20th HS reunion and most of these same friends and classmates will again be together at the Marriott for a dinner.  Ahhhh, won't they have fun! 

But me? 
Well, I'm having a grand time just hanging out in a old pair of jeans and tee shirt sitting here with my computer nursing a pile of animal crackers and glass of freshly brewed iced tea sporting a slice of lemon. 
One day he'll be home in comfy jeans while his own sons go to their high school reunion. You see, life's just a cycle. 

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