Sunday, September 5, 2010


When I grabbed the broom to sweep up the acorns, I had a surprise when a gray/black praying mantis jumped off onto the concrete.  We chatted for awhile and NEVER saw an uglier one though.  NEVER saw a gray one, all previous ones were green. I do believe I will do a bit of research to see what this one is called.  I guess his momma would call him cute, but guess I'm not the one to pass judgment on this beauty.

This fella is really camouflaged on the patio concrete
I see they only live approximately 12 months.  Umm, and this one will continue contributing to the gene pool.  Still can't find out what kind it is.  Excuse my dirty house.  Those smudges are probably where the broom handle bangs the house.   

After we chatted awhile, he walked back to the broom, crawled up to the top of it, then over to the mop, and finally up the side of the door.  Think he was stalking a bug caught in a spider web. 
This porch tomato is OVER 9 feet tall.  It is in a cage that's 9 feet and it's now several inches over that.  And tomatoes are still growing on it.  I'll need a ladder to pick them.  Or maybe the Jolly Green Giant will do the honors.  
This tomato plant on our patio is over 9 feet tall and still growing.

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