Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Relative

Mom and I went to the big city today - ok, well, it was a bigger town than ours anyway.  Both are relative.  I bought a few little things for the camper and our upcoming camping trip.  One was a pair of winter jammies.  Long pants, long sleeves.  Yipes, with my internal warming machine, I'll be hard pressed to be wearing them but one never knows what the winter will be like plus the chance to be warm sounds relative. One can always resort to shorty jams but options are good. 

Saw this bug on my car today.  He definitely looks like a leaf or a bunch of leaves.  But on the hood of my car while in the garage isn't such a great place to blend in with nature.  Sweetz came to the rescue and soon Mr. Green was in the bushes. 

Can you see me now?

Speaking of Sweetz, he tuned up the RV engine yesterday and today and it just purrs.  He needs another part...great, what did he call it?  Oh well, he explained it was nothing much more than a piece of plastic but whatever the name, he needs one.  I won't be able to go with him this time.  That is, unless he waits for me to return from getting my hair trimmed in the morning.  It is always nice to go out for errands and then have lunch with hubby.  I also need to recycle a few things.  And go to the library.  Ummm, wonder if Sweetz will wait for me?  Very doubtful.  My man isn't one to twittle his fingers waiting.  Nope, I might as well get used to the idea he will be back home with that new little plastic thingy before I roll back in the drive.  We want to buy a new RV hot water heater and have it installed before our trip.  Ours looks and acts sickly and sure don't want to be faced with cold showers this winter.  Even winter jammies won't help that situation. Perhaps we should just get a newer  RV... That's relative, isn't it?

Our pumpkins were small this year, but we had lots of them.  We've given lots away to friends and neighbors.  Thought this little pumpkin grouping in our flower bed was interesting.  After all, it's September.  Even though the thermometer isn't cooperating with fall temps.  And it's VERY dry here.  The leaves will soon all fall off at this rate, but that's ok too.  But that means raking or mowing.  That's ok too - just means our west trip is getting closer.  Yep, it's all relative.

Pumpkin nest
Our son is coming for supper tomorrow night - stopping by for a visit before he attends a football game which is part of his HS 20 yr reunion weekend.  A son...well that definitely sounds relative.

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