Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Firepit Patio Project is Done

Sweetz and I worked on the fire pit patio again today.  We were going to only work about an hour but we didn't heed our own advice but kept on working until the project was finished.  Hubby works nonstop and I try to keep up but my bumpter ends up in a chair a lot too. 

We went to Lowes this morning and got the rest of the pavers and the sand.  After eating a sandwich we  started on the project intending to only work an hour or so since it would be hot today.  Well, it was humid but didn't seem all that hot outdoors.  Wow, I just looked at our little weather station and it recorded 90* as the high today and the humidity high as 66%.  Wow, I'm surprised.  Guess the little breeze helped it seem cooler.  We finished about 4pm after removing about half of the pavers we put in yesterday so we could level them.  Let me tell you - that's a lot of work!!  Today I wore gloves too but my hands are sore from working yesterday without gloves, but I'll live.  The pavers are about 17" sq and there are 36 of them.  All nice and level with sand below and between them.  We put dirt around all four sides to keep the sand from escaping.  Then it got a gentle sprinkle with the hose.  The backyard is sloped so the patio had to be carved out on the high side and built up on the downward slope.  I did mention it was hard work, didn't I?

Enjoying a small fire to celebrate the completed fire pit patio project

To celebrate the completion, we brought out some old metal folding chairs (we're on the prowl for a table and chairs patio set) and had a small fire.  We roasted some marshmallows, drank some tea, and watched the fire and the sun setting through the trees.  It was a tiring day but we have a cute little patio to enjoy and to keep the fire pit safe.

The roasted marshmallows were delicious

I guess we'll head out tomorrow to scour the local stores for a patio set.  Mom dropped by to see the finished project and seemed impressed.  I'm aching all over so took a couple of Tylenol in hopes of some level of comfort.  Ouch, I hurt all over.  Definitely too old for this amount of manual labor.  Not sure how Sweetz does so much without even sitting down to rest, but I'm one lucky wife to have an energetic man.  And tomorrow night do you think we'll have another fire?  I'm pretty sure we will...

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