Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Midweek Meandering

Today:  Aaahhhh, what a beauty.  Ok, ok, yes it was hot.  I admit it was hot but it's September and I'm trying to convince myself that today was summer's last hoorah and milder temps will be the norm soon.  Our home weather station registered 93* as the high/65* as the low today.  I like the 65* part better. 

Chives picked this morning, washed, and now drying
I snipped another batch of fresh chives from my herb garden this morning.  When they are about half air dried, I will snip each strip into little slices, then finish the drying process.  I've really had a generous crop of herbs this summer so there will be plenty to use all winter.  Yep, little zip lock baggies won't take up much room or weigh much tucked in the RV kitchen cabinet for our western winter trip.  So, I'll have a taste of summer.

Mom and I went to a nice downtown restaurant for lunch.  It's fairly new, been there several times, and each time the experience goes downhill.  But it was her idea, so I went. You know, ya gotta obey mom. She had a burger she described as yucky - I had a sandwich of their signature chicken salad.  Gag City.  First was the scorch toasted white bread when I ordered WW, chicken was tough chunks, more mayo than other ingredients, totally tasteless.  I could go on but you get the idea - it was an experience to be forgotten.  The waitress was not willing to do her job well so when it was time for the tip, I didn't do mine well either. 

Both mom and I had a couple of errands to run, so after those were completed, we stopped for some final excitement at WallyWorld. 

Found these placemats and napkins to add a touch of fall to the table
I spent some time in the housewares aisles checking out useful items for RV storage.  Yep, I found those white vinyl coated door storage units that Gypsy Larry had on his website which he attached to the back of his closet doors.  I also scouted the aisles for some of those Walmart People I've seen on the net, but only saw one flashy attired huge woman.  Although as gaudy as she was, she didn't come close to those on the website. Not sure what I would have done if I saw a "beauty" but at least I had my camera tucked safely in my purse waiting for that rare glimpse.  Maybe next time.  Then again, maybe our tiny town is just classier.  Riiiiight. 

On the drive toward Wally's, we had to stop at one of those street repair sections where I snapped a picture of the sign holder.  Am thinking this roadwork was evidence of our tiny town coming nose to nose with a stimulus check.   All but one of the 50 states is broke so why would we be spending hard-earned tax money to repair a decent road? Possibly for votes you say?? 
$timulu$ @ Work ?

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