Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quiet Sunday

It's been a quiet day.  Started the day at church and afterward there was a lunch in the Fellowship Hall.  Lots of big round tables with sparkling white tablecloths and flowers in the middle of each one.  The Fellowship Committee sure put a lot of time and effort into making everything look nice. 

Right down the middle of the room was a long line of FOOD tables.  And piled from end to end of that looooong table was mouth-watering food which all looked fabulous.  From meats, to veggies, to salads, to breads, to desserts plus everything in between.  I did sample a tiny bit of my own makings just to ensure it tasted ok.  Everything was delicious, but I really had to work hard to not overeat. 

Being visitors at this particular church, we know few of the members, so being thoughtful we found an empty table near the back to allow families and friends to sit together.  It wasn't long before a couple sat with us and then another and then another.  It turned out to be a varied group and even included a young couple who are expecting their first baby in November.  They were extremely young looking but appeared happily married.  It was nice to have people at a table who didn't exclude others but there was chatter from everyone. 

In the parking lot was a Model A and I just happened to have my camera with me.  So, before I went into the SS class, I snapped a picture.  And wouldn't you know it, one of the couples we ate with at  lunch was the owner!

Model A

Then on our way home we saw this barn with the neatest look and I just had to pop off to the side of the road and snap a picture.

Perky Barn

The day has nearly come to a close and darkness is gaining on the light.  Tomorrow Sweetz and I plan to go with a senior group from our new church to a couple of neat places which will include lunch and a stop at an Amish market plus an interesting shop which has a little bit of everything.  Yep, I'll take my camera and I bet we have a great time.  Next month I understand the group is planning a day trip to the mountains.  Maybe the apples will be ready!!

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