Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Good Attitude Promises To Take You Far

While on my daily walk today I noticed a funeral sign around the bend and took note which house had the door swag.  Oh my, another death in the neighborhood.  We oldies are dropping like flies. This gentleman was the father of one of my son's high school friends.  Guess Sweetz and I need to get on the scenic roads before our trail ends.  Life is short at our age.  When young, life seems to stretch to infinity.  But after what seems like just a few turns, we wake up one morning staring at those final curves. 

One of my favorite activities is to read travel blogs of the RVers enjoying our country.  It's best when there's a bit of humor.  Some blog entries lately have shown enough humor to get an audible chuckle from me.  My favorite is the dry humor - the kind you sometimes have to digest just a sec before the laughter erupts.  I used to have lots of humor, then life happened along some curves.  But I'm  finished moping around and decided it's time to lift my face to the sunny skies and rejoin the happy race.  This world gives us more than enough pain and anguish so now I'm trying to squeeze out all the joy I can.  Sweetz would surely pop in about now to correct me to say I still have some grump days, but they are getting fewer and farther apart. 

Some blogs are drier with just day-to-day stuff while others have sprinkled their entries with helpful tidbits of life on the road.  In the meantime, I think I'll begin to make some lists of things to solve before we leave since we'll be gone from home awhile.  Things like, what to do about the mail, our indoor plants, the extra things that will be nice to take with us on this longer trip.  Will I get bored?  What about wifi, and cellphone reception? How can I satisfy my voracious need for books?  Security and winter prep of our house while we're away? The list flows on. 

Our winter get-away plan is to run south then west.  I've never been west of the MS River and those famous places need to be seen up close.  With a camera in my hand, I think I could be very happy.  My mom is 88 and will be left behind.  In preparation she is getting herself mentally prepared for our absence.  She has a darling little friend (Ruth) who is happily sharing her life with my mom.  They pal around several days a week and spend time at a lake retreat that belongs to Ruth's family.  Sometimes they have a pack of ladies join them and it sounds like they have a ball.  They even get out on the lake in the pantoon boat nearly every time they go.  So things are settling into place and soon my MainMan and I should be able to dip our toes in the gulf and then on down the road to be able see our first cactus.  I see pictures of the west that RVers take and drool makes its way down my chin.  Hopefully after Christmas our wheels can roll.   Then I will want to go again.  Why not?  It's our final curves. 

Sweetz said he was going to a hardware tomorrow to pick up a few things for the camper.  Ummm, sounds real serious!  Not sure what he's planning. Well, we'll keep busy with whatever we can find until the calendar meets the map.  We don't have a toad, our car is too heavy.  We have bikes, pedalled ones, so that's one thing we're trying to figure out...how two geezers can see the country in an RV.  He mentioned getting a motorcycle with a side car. He dropped that idea when I mentioned that I hope he didn't get stiff riding in the side car.  We saw a motorcycle for sale down the road from us a few days ago.  Guess we could ride double. 

Yep, sounds like it's time to make some lists.  And I can ponder things like: what is he planning to buy at the hardware tomorrow?  I showed him some storage holders one blogger had installed on his closet doors which I thought was neat.  Think he's planning to copy that idea?  Well, don't you think it would be a fab idea to get final approval from the little wife before anything is screwed in?  My smiling good attitude better last me all day tomorrow...

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