Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's really windy here today, which is really drying everything outside. A bit cloudy every now and then but mostly blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds. And windy nearly every minute, but then it becomes blustery for a few minutes only to quieten down to gentle winds again. The spring is such a beautiful season and my favorite. And our golf rain gauge is empty. There's flooding in Nashville, but we're dry as a bone here.

Our irises are blooming now that the azaleas and other spring things are just about finished. A former coworker gave me some of his irises that he was cross-pollinating, not show stoppers but pretty. He kept the nearly perfect ones to keep dabbling for award-winning specimens. I was pleased to get his rejects which are now happily coloring my flowerbeds. The light blue one he named "Celestial" after his wife so I can only imagine the beauty of his final prize.

A couple of birds are in the bluebird nest - not bluebirds though, but just renting the place for a few weeks until their little nestlings are ready to fly solo.

Sweetz and I were sitting outside in the backyard talking about the next phase in our lives. I have one more week to work my notice so I'm trying to come to terms with my earlier than expected departure but realize it was necessary for my sanity. Never thought it would happen this way, but sometimes God puts boulders in our way so we will take the less-traveled path He's chosen. I must depend on Him for guidance each step of the way.

We went in the camper this afternoon and measured the over-the-cab mattress and think we'll order a new one so that when we head out, we'll have a softer nest. We'd really like to trade for a larger RV with more room, especially one with a bed in the back, but so far one hasn't come into our lives that we think is right for us. Sweetz thinks we can head out the first of the year so now we have a plan and can look forward to an extended trip. Hopefully our wheels will lead us west. He likes the idea of touring in Canada and that would be nice too, but certainly not in winter!

Brrrr, nesting as a snowbird sounds like a delight I can only anticipate at this time. That's ok, I'm a patient woman - the past 3 years prove that point well enough.
I need to think pleasant thoughts so I think I'll go take a peek at my irises again.

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  1. Hey this one's good as usual. Do other folks see my comments or are they for your eyes only? Love the flowers and other pictures, like the butterfly flag too. I sure hope the internet isn't far away when you're traveling so you can keep in touch with friends, keep the blog going while you're traveling.