Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freedom Walk

Another day in the life of the unemployed...sure was nice to have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors today. Sweetz and I spent the day in the big city. We checked out CampingWorld again to buy a plumbing gadget for something or other. That's Sweetz' realm so I stayed away from the little gadget aisles to look at the camping books, storage items, and hitches. They didn't have the size he wanted but a nice sales clerk said Ace hardware would carry that piece. There's an AH in our little town, so he'll head there one day.

At that point we were free as little birds so we enjoyed looking in Home Depot and Target. He was quite gracious and sat in the car and read the paper while I shopped in Michaels for a few beading supplies. We ate a delicious lunch at at Japanese restaurant and then after some more shopping, we had cheesecake at another restaurant. Nothing like spreading the wealth. We went back to the farmers market and found some cherry tomato plants. I picked out one LARGE plant which already has tomatoes on it. I'm thrilled to know that this one will reward us faster than the others. In this depressed housing/economy, we don't know how long we'll stay here, so might as well have a bit of fun along the way.

We went to an American Revolution park and museum. We enjoyed walking the trails and reading the markers. I was dying to take some pictures to try out some settings on my new camera but sunny mid-day is not the best time to take pictures. But I clicked away regardless of the less than optimal lighting.

I finished the scarf for mom yesterday and started another one today. Idle hands must stay busy.

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  1. Nice job, like the photos. Sounds like a nice day and you didn't have to travel too far to enjoy it either. Glad Sweetz is so accomidating. He must be enjoying your unemployment or retirement, whatever you choose to call it.