Thursday, May 27, 2010


Sure was a pretty day today - but hot. I got out ALONE for the first time since my last day at work. Was most strange to be driving and it felt funny to be alone. My mom and husband have been quite protective and today I needed to run away. Headed into town to visit the library. It's a little one but has enough to satisfy me. I picked out 5 hardback novels. Was a bit leery of the paperbacks since they looked like fantasy, romance, or mystery gone awry. I need something peaceful but not too difficult in order to give my poor brain some exercise. Ran a few errands and then decided to skip the last stop on my list in order to drive out in the country a bit to enjoy the cows, the trees, and the newly mowed lawns.

At one point I passed a walking trail but decided today wasn't a good day because I was wearing sandals - not conducive to walk, plus I didn't tell Sweetz I was going. Can't have the man worrying about me slipping on a path or plopping into the lake. One day I need to make the effort and grab my sneakers and walk. I got back home then helped Sweetz plant herbs and tomatoes we bought at the farmers market yesterday. He has the energy of 3 teens so I had to take regular rests to look like I was keeping up with him.

Since we worked hard today, I fixed supper on a grand scale - well grand in the fresh department for sure. I pan seared ham slices and then had a fresh salad, corn on the cob, and asparagus. Most of the ingredients I bought at the farmers market and wow were they ever delicious. Nothing quite like fresh produce. Oh, and of course a pinch of my fresh herbs put everything over the top. I should have charged him for supper. When I cleaned up, there wasn't even a tip under the plate. Bummer. And I'm unemployed too!

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