Friday, May 21, 2010


Sweetz and I had a nice day together. We headed to CampingWorld where we looked at campers but really didn't see anything that wanted us. The drivables, that is. Lots of TTs, but we have no truck to pull one of those, so we'll stick to choices with an engine in the front. Saw two possibilities but guess it wasn't the right time for us. We'll continue to look. CW had a cookout today for all their customers so we were treated to a free lunch while there. George teased me that as retirees we'd do ok if we could find one of these free meals every day. They had chairs sitting around so everyone had a comfy seat and food for the belly. I do believe that was the best hot dog I have eaten in a long time, and all the extras. Nice staff too. Sweetz bought a new water pump which should provide better pressure. Also a HWH attachment and a few other things. It was nice to leisurely browse the store with no rush to be somewhere at any particular time. I found I kept looking at my watch. That's definitely a habit I need to break.

There's a farmer's market nearby so we spent the afternoon there. So many choices. With several buildings, it was a given that several hours could be spent browsing the plants, the flowers, the trees, the water features, the produce, etc. While there we saw a couple that we've known for years. Actually I worked with Debbie for 7 years, then we both left for other positions but we keep running into each other several times a year. It was nice to spend some time chatting with them. Sweetz, who has a love for ice cream, found a booth selling several flavor choices. He bought me peach. So we indulged and licked. Yummy. We bought a few plants and we'll find holes for them so they can grow and treat us to their beauty. It's hard not to buy plants in the spring. With them, there's a promise of new tomorrows.

On down the road toward home is a seafood restaurant. After looking at all the menu choices, Sweetz and I shared a broiled seafood combo dinner. Even after sharing, there was still some to bring home. Nice staff and the food was really good. I'd love to go back if we're ever in that area. There's a working mill on the way home which still grinds cornmeal and several flour varieties. I've been several times over the past 30 years but thought today that it would make a great day trip. And some bags of flour from the gift shop would make the memories last. Not to mention some pictures.

Nearing home, we pass a walking trail that's open to the public. It is about 1.5miles long and there are many interesting things to see as you wind your way past a small lake, a pasture complete with contented cows, bridges, walkways, another much larger lake, a natural waterfall, plus some of the remains of several buildings on the estate. I think it's wonderful they allow us to walk it and it's such a treat to get away and feel the cares of the world ebb out the body. Plus it's another great place to take pictures. The old estate home is open to the public but since I've been in it several times, I'll skip that tour and enjoy the walking trail. I need to go. I need to take more pictures. Like a little plaque I now have hanging in my kitchen which reads "Live Begins at Retirement", I must get busy enjoying my new life.

I just finished a book I started yesterday. Nicholas Sparks' "The Choice". Whew, what a sweet and compelling book with a 3 tissue ending. I have one more book, then it's off to the library. Probably do that next week. I used to love to read, hopefully I can rekindle that love again. There are many choices in this life, but have to admit, some are just more fun than others.

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