Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Retirement - What a Life!

Ahhh, now this is the life. Too bad I can't afford this lifestyle for a month or so. But a short stopover at the beach makes each day seem even more special. Definitely makes me want to come back again.

We went shopping at an outlet mall and I was able to get a few things for upcoming occasions. We got one of those big salted pretzels for lunch with a Coke so we'd be hungry at suppertime.

We came back to the hotel and walked the beach a bit, then headed out to a great seafood restaurant. Wow, was it ever good. I had Atlantic flounder stuffed with crab. Deeeeelishous. Complete with fresh hushpuppies, crisp salad, baked potato, and steamed veggies. Ahhhhhh, sooooo good. Great service too. Then back to the hotel and back to the beach for yet another stroll, then up and around the hotel, around the pools, past the restaurants and down the "glass elevator". That one has glass on one side and it moves quickly - to the point I think I left my stomach on one floor and my body made it to my destination. Wheeeeeee. We're sitting here in the room eating key lime pie and sipping hot tea. What a life! I'm thinking retirement suits me just fine...

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  1. You still need to write a book, I believe it would sell. You make me want to walk on the beach, sit by a pool, etc. So glad you're enjoying your retirement. I hope you have many more years of it.