Wednesday, May 12, 2010


And where am I? Still at Myrtle Beach, SC. Awesome ocean view from the room which makes it easy to look out and enjoy the waves crashing into the sand, the dog walkers, fat ladies, bikini babes, shell pickers, slathered bodies, young and old out enjoying the warm coastal weather. There are 20 pools in this hotel but very few toes check them out. They are out in the surf though. Little kids running in and out of the waves, making sand castles, surfer dudes, skidoos, sail boats, guys ogling the gals. But plenty of retired folks getting in some sand and surf before the end of school marks the hot sand temps and high room prices. Thank you very much but I'll come in May and then again in the fall. Crowds aren't my thing.

We ate at a great restaurant, Damon's, which boasts of fall-off-the-bone ribs. And were they ever good! My, the best I've eaten in months. They gave us mini blueberry muffins to munch on before the food arrived. Then the best, and I mean the very best food around. Then to top the meal off, they gave us complimentary banana pudding - creamy and rich like grandma used to make. They have indoor and outdoor seating, but we chose the big outdoor porch complete with ceiling fans. The restaurant is right on the beach so we were entertained by sailboats and swimmers and skidoos coming and going while we ate with the natural summer breeze. I'm without work...maybe I could apply for a job to be able to stay here a bit longer. And feast my eyes on these tan muscular lifeguards. Youth seems to be wasted on the young...

I think I'll grab my sandals and head out to walk the beach again.

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  1. Yep you need to write a book. I've talked to 3 of my 4 friends who leave for Myrtle without me tomorrow. Got too much to do at home, one of them told me tonight that she's going down there to rest and relax. That's not my idea of being at the beach. I was always the youngest of the folks going so today one of the ladies said I'll get to be the youngest this year at 70. Hope they have a good time. I'm glad to hear you've relaxed and enjoyed yourself. The ribs sound wonderful, I'll try them next time I'm there. Enjoy the rest of your trip.