Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Focus

My camera arrived yesterday and I opened the package eagerly. There it was, all snuggled in the box waiting for it's adoptive mom. Then I tried it and tried it and tried it. All the pictures were out of focus...and wouldn't you know, it requires a different type of lens! So, you could believe I was soooooo disappointed. Today at work I talked to my photography buddy who advised me to keep the camera and then proceeded to show me how I could use the old lenses and how to manually focus --- Jeff said that method would work until I could buy the correct lens. OK, so I feel better. But can I do it? Haven't tried it yet.

I'm working my 2 wk notice and have 7 more days. The sheriff is staying away from the office for hours at a time. If things were different, I could find her new routine funny; in fact, it is funny! Stays away and I later see things she did - not sure where - but might be getting one of the other admins to help her or using computers in other areas. Many of the workers are visiting me or stopping me in the halls with well wishes. Nice to be recognized for what I did during my 14 years. There are some wonderful people there and I will surely miss them. But it's time for me to move on to the next phase in my life. It's exciting as well as somewhat scary. With a new camera and the great outdoors waiting for me, I can snap, snap, snap right? Well, if I learn how to manually focus or write another check for a lens. Manually, now that is free - and right now I will play the thin wallet game. So, now I'm off to see if I learned how to manually focus.

I practiced manually focusing the camera. Out of maybe 30 practice shots, I got 4 in great focus. This isn't a game I'd like to play long. Yep, guess I need to do a search for the correct lens.

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