Monday, May 24, 2010

Came to Terms

Must admit, this situation of quitting work is beginning to agree with me. So many things to choose to do each day - or nothing. Can't say that I've gotten to the do nothing stage yet. But it's refreshing to know the choices are ultimately mine. Barely made it out the door today - and what is so bad about that, I say.

I finally made the decision that I would not be at rest until I came to some sort of reconciliation with the dreaded "budget". But today was the day. I procrastinated, I avoided the desk, I ignored the papers on the desk, I cleaned, I washed, I organized, I swept, I cooked, but finally the task had to be attacked head on. Yes, today was the day I needed to figure the figures. So, attack I did. Me? Attack? Well, truthfully I only did one step and hopped up to find something else to do. After a bit, I returned to the desk and completed another step. Pretty soon, I was knee deep and things weren't as bad as I had imagined. Should have done this a week ago.

Even with all the planning I did for years, until this situation arrived, I wasn't SURE it would really work. But, I think we will do fine for a couple of years until a few more dollars trickle in. By then, costs will be up, Medicare will (hopefully) be cheaper than buying private medical/supplemental insurance and life will have settled down to predictable. Ahhh, it's good to plan to plan, create a plan, work the plan, then let go and watch the plan.

I'm an organized person, a methodical person, a minimalist. So, planning the past few years paid off - I'm a free woman and I will be calmer and easier to live with. The finances fell to my shoulder many moons ago and Sweetz loved the freedom of that. With the internet and bill pay - wow, life is predictable, plannable, and freeing for me too. Now, if things will stay predictable, I predict I can enjoy this life.

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  1. Since I quit work nearly three years ago and started my travels in my RV, it has been astonishing how many unsolicited jobs I have to turn down on the road. This country is hurting for reliable folks to work.