Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's been a nice weekend. Hey, what's a weekend? Saw a nifty clock the other day - guess it's for retirees giving all Saturdays and one Sunday and the times were all messed up. Had to have a nice chuckle over that. I woke up during the night and couldn't go back to sleep so tossed a long time then decided it was my life now and I could get up and sleep late if I wanted to. So I did just that with no guilt about it either. Picked up a book I wanted to read - and 4 chapters later, I had to make myself go back to bed.

Notice the orange bookmark? I saw this idea on the internet one day: cut the corner off from an envelope and slip it on the page to mark the spot. Thought it was a nifty idea, so grabbed the first envelope I saw -- a geezer envelope (SS mail) and put it to a new use. The youth would call that "green" I suppose.

The mauve knitting project is a scarf for my mom that she hinted about. Yep, I'm trying to keep it a secret, but I think she saw it on the piano one day last week. Oh well, so much for keeping this nifty gift idea a secret. Maybe she will forget it by Christmas. Hardly. She's 88 but is still sharper than any tack I ever encountered.

Speaking of mom, she and I went to "town" yesterday morning and checked out a few antique and craft shops. There was a nifty coffee shop which served sandwiches, soup, and loads of coffee and tea selections. I chose a half grilled cheese pinini sandwich and small soup and plain tea but next time I'll branch out with some of their other nifty tea selections. The owners had a big black dog which slept on the dining area floor - didn't know the Health Dept condoned dogs in a restaurant, but he/she was quiet and docile so I wasn't bothered. Must admit I watched the owners though as they went past the dog several times and petted it, but each time they washed their hands. And their Healthy Dept rating was 101. Nifty lunch in a nifty internet cafe.

Just noticed my laptop is unplugged and running on the battery. Now, how in the world did I unplug it? Ohhhh yeah, I swept the floor a bit ago and must have accidentally shifted the plug. I think that's my contribution to housework today. After all, it's Sunday, the day of rest and I don't want to overdo! It's cloudy again and thundering all around. Seems God doesn't think we got enough rain - so even though it was sunny just a few minutes ago, it's going to rain soon. How nifty is that?

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