Wednesday, May 19, 2010

...Or Go Camping

Sweetz was out of town again today so I was queen of the house. I treated myself to having the stereo cranked up LOUD. Makes me smile and enjoy life that way. He prefers the TV, but I tire of that after awhile. We might need some marriage counseling sessions to solve our differences. Or we could just go camping.

I sent the minutes to the sheriff in an email last night. Would have been nice to get a thank you email reply today but it didn't happen. But why should I expect anything different from what I experienced for several years. I snipped some hydrangeas and have them in a vase. Will be nice for a few days. When they wither, I'll just go snip a few more from the hundreds that are on the plant. Or...I can leave them on the bush and go camping.

It was cloudy today, about 70* most of the day. Then a surprise!! Sun for about an hour. That hour I spent outside pruning another shrub and cleaning up the clippings. We need the rain and it is certainly rewarding to see things grow, but these shrubs and azaleas and plants which are so pretty in the spring seem to grow a foot overnight. I still need to work in the azalea bed in the front yard to try to contain those bad boys before they block the view of the entire house. Seems it was just last year that I pruned them, but from the cuts I can see way into the plant, it was about 3 years ago. Time flies when you're having fun. Probably went outside that spring and cut them down about half way as a method to vent my frustration. Might have to grab my chain saw and show them who's boss. Nope, I'll use my trusty clippers and do a pruning job where you can barely tell where they were snipped. Something my mom taught me many moons ago. Slow - but well worth the effort. Or...I can forget them for awhile and go camping.

There are so many projects I want to do. But I think I need to pace myself at retirement speed. I don't have to go at breakneck speed now to get everything done by the quitting bell. Sweetz seems quite impressed. Well, isn't that why he's smiling these days? Sure seems to enjoy the cooking too. Then there's the unending list of normal domestic chores which have been moved to my column. Yipes, I think we need to go camping!

Got a notice from SS today, seems I can get online to follow my account – just need to come up with a password. That should be easy since I've had to do that at work for years – every 90 days. Oh, you should have seen the ones I came up with! Ingenious coded messages. Oops, well, guess I need to keep those remarks to myself. Would be a good idea if I looked at our bills and financial statements to get an idea how we're doing two weeks into this retirement gig. Or hide them in a drawer and head out camping.

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