Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Safe and Sound

We made it home safely. Using Rhoda the Road Warrior TomTom, I zipped in and out of lanes and turned at all the appropriate places with her skillfully guiding the way. What a gal. Even told her several times that I loved her. When I didn't like her direction, I turned her off so I didn't have to hear, "Turn around as soon as possible". At one point there was a detour so she didn't do well in that situation so I ignored her advice and followed the signs. But I still think she is well worth her weight in gold to make the drive there and back just about as uneventful as possible. No stress, no worry. She even allowed me to stop for gas and leg stretches, waiting patiently in the hot car until I returned.

We stopped for lunch at Zaxby's somewhere between here and the coast. Was disappointed but that might have been caused by the 47 ladies who were in line in front of me fresh from some convention somewhere. They were chatty and loud and the place was so noisy I barely could hear myself think. The decibel level dramatically decreased to a bare hum when they left. Then there was the constant loud-speakers barking out "Order #86 is ready". I like solitude and peace. Hadn't I just regained some tranquility at the beach? Didn't they know I had just escaped a 3-year stance with the SHERIFF? Where was the respect for the gray-hair geezer just wanting some peace in which to dip my chicken fingers? Then there was a young couple who ordered the same meals we did and they scooped their fingers in the fingers and fries and finished in record time and rushed out the door. Why must people be in such hurry? Where do they need to go? And to watch the wife analyze each occupant in the room then see hubby turn around and look. Yep, at one point we were the object of her analysis. Think maybe she was doing some sociology research project? Welllll, I could analyze her too. Doesn't she know that game can work in reverse. All this and they still left with empty plates and soiled napkins. Another whew. There were two couples in Zaxby's dressed in some sort of Amish type dress. Didn't recognize it, but one lady talked on a cellphone at one point, so maybe they weren't Amish. They enjoyed the meal out though.

We received the May Special Rate at the resort...4 nights for the price of 3. I needed the last day too, as I could really tell I was relaxing. The walks on the beach were therapeutic, toes in the wet sand, watching tiny sand crabs burrow under the sand after being swept up and down with the waves. Simple thoughts with no associated torture. Considered buying a hermit crab as a pet but decided if we traveled this winter that Mr. Hermit might have a short lifespan. And how much would I have to pay a crabsitter if he remained at home? Nope, I wisely walked away from that purchase. Sweetz is still looking for a new mattress for the RV. That's what we get for having an unusual size. Oh well, we have time to shop online since he thinks we should wait until winter to roll out on our wheels. Sounds good to me. Snowbirds? Could that really happen?

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