Thursday, May 13, 2010

Retirement Week @ The Beach

I'm still enjoying myself at the beach during Retirement Week. It's nice being my own boss, not under the thumb of someone controlling my thoughts and my time. Ahhh, it is great to begin to regain my worth as a human. The past 3 years were difficult and I can't even realize fully yet that those years are forever behind me. Heard today that the sheriff was seen sitting in front of my computer. Bet she was having great fun trying to find things. No, I didn't delete anything or even change the name of projects to try to hide them. Nope, I left an honest person leaving everything as it was. I deleted some obsolete stuff of course, but that was a routine task. The office will survive without me and soon a new gal will sit at the computer. Never want to willingly walk those hallways anytime soon.

This week at the beach has been great. Frustration and anger have been put away. In their place, peace and tranquility are finding a home. The waves are a constant reminder that life goes on. Life won't be perfect but at least I have learned from my recent experiences.

We had BBQ for supper. Boy, was it good. Not sure why, but appetites always seem enhanced at the beach. But I'm trying to lose some working girl fat, so less on the plate is the goal. Guess it really should be less in the stomach. When I get home I want to step on the scales. Wouldn't it be a treat to have lost a pound or two! That would be a great reward for smaller portions and walking. The beach is a great place to walk - up and down and around the resort. On the lower level there are pools everywhere. The landscaping is pretty and each place one looks is a treat. So, it is interesting to walk around winding areas and get a feast for the eyes and hopefully work off another pound. After the walk today, I sat in the hot tub and let the jets do their magic on my legs. Wow, felt wonderful.

Sure will miss all this when I get home. Sweetz will be expecting me to put down my bag of prized collected shells to wield a shovel and clippers. The bushes and shrubbery get overgrown so quickly and that's my forte, so I'll snip and prune to attempt to keep them under control. This place has a crew to do the work - all dressed in brown uniforms. Ours will be done by Sweetz and myself. But that saves on employee salaries. Like we could do that. Nope. Good thing we like to do it or we would be ripping out the pretties and sowing everything in grass. Might get to that point one day, but not there yet. Still want to travel a bit in the house on wheels so keeping things under control will be necessary to free us to head down the road. Now, that's something to look forward to.

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  1. Girl you do have a way with words. I enjoy each and every one of your blog posts.