Saturday, May 29, 2010

And Afterward There Was Sun

Yesterday, Mom and I went out for pizza and met a friend I have known for years. She has a fantastic sense of humor in spite of several setbacks in her life. I had a great time talking and sharing with her. And hopefully some of her fun spirit will inspire me to rekindle my humor.

Wow, we had a whammmmmmdinger of a storm last night. Two large storms collided over our county and we had a thunder/lightning show that I hadn't experienced in quite a while. Hit all around us continuously. In fact, when I looked outside (which the TV meteorologist highly advised against) it was nearly light all the time. The house shook and groaned, items on shelves rattled, winds roared, even wall hangings/frames vibrated loudly against the walls. It was like a scene from a horror movie. The storm was a slow mover and wasn't in any hurry to move out of our area. We got 3.5in of rain in that 1.5 hours. Whew, but we survived and the lights didn't even blink. Must admit I unplugged my computers though. Must take care of my prized possessions.

I walked around the yard this morning checking for damage and took a few pictures of the wet yard. The golf-themed rain gauge tells the story of the rainfall last night in a bit over an hour. We probably had some fog this morning and that might have been a lovely theme for a picture or two, but I got up too late to see it if indeed we had fog. Oh well, another time. At least I have plenty of time.

I'm home today and a bit on the bored side at the moment. Hate to admit it, but it's there just as some said it would occur occasionally. But there's so much I can be doing. With an unemployed future, there's no rush to get anything done today because I'll have next week to do something productive. The sun is out now and hopefully drying up some of this water. Ummm, what to do? What to do? Sweetz's going to mow the yard now but where does that leave me? Could help, couldn't I... But what fun would that be when I could enjoy it so much more just watching him have fun? Vroom, Vroooom.

It's Memorial Day weekend and I've read many emails and blogs with that theme. I am thankful today and every day for the sacrifice of the military preserving our freedom. Many gave the supreme sacrifice and we owe each one our supreme gratitude.

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