Monday, May 2, 2011

Ups and Downs of Life

Today sprung bright and cheery.  The cable guy came this morning and entertained me for a couple of hours. 

He situated his truck at the perfect spot, geared up and then moved up and down a ladder (neighbor refuses to let any truck to drive in her back yard due to her pride of her personal space).  He walked to the pole in her backyard carrying a ladder, then proceeded to get the cable wires reconnected.  I was worried about him being up there all alone in the woods so stood around to ensure myself in his safety. 

He told me he was ok, but it gave me an opportunity to watch the goings on up on a high pole with tools twisting and equipment flashing as he expertly removed the old connections and reconnected the new ones. 

Then he moved to our pole but this time he used the cherry picker on his truck with competence and dexterity.  I was impressed but I still worried about him.  He told me he had years of safety under his belt, but I continued to worry until he was down safely.  Finally, he moved his truck to spot #3 on another corner of our lot and again he competently repeated the process in his cherry picker.  We exchanged congratulatory thumbs up and waves occasionally.  Thought about offering him a glass of tea, but he whipped out an orange drink and guzzled some before I could ask. 

Then, the gas company truck drove in the driveway.  Must be Utility Day!  Well, he was here to do some required safety maintenance on our meter.  So, I decided to watch him.  I didn't take any pictures of him, just talked.  He knows one of my neighbors so we chatted and he told me a bit about his work and why these steps were necessary.  I always find it interesting watching competent people doing their jobs.

Well, it's old news now, but Osama bin Laden has been killed.  My thanks go to the specialized military teams who performed at ultimate levels of competence. In the meantime on the homefront inflation rose 3.8%, weekly new unemployment applications rose again - this time to 429,000, gas prices continue to rise, we experience a high debt ceiling, Wal-Mart reports that their core buyers are running out of money, our saving interest rates remain in the tank, new dollars flood the market devaluing their value, and terrorism will continue.  And on and on and on the bad news goes.  But I'm going to smile and continue to appreciate my country, my God, and my freedom.

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