Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Went to lunch with mom at her church.  There was a delicious lunch followed by a devotion presented by one of the church staff.  A "fashion show" followed which was presented by some male "beauties" of the church.  Although I don't usually like stuff like this, it was cute, funny, and done in fairly good taste.

On our way home, Mom and I went by the cemetery to exchange the flowers on dad's grave.  With a bit of creativity, we finally got them stuck in the flower holder.  Then we walked around to straighten or fluff the flowers in other containers.  Hope people would do the same for my dad's if the need ever arose.  It was real windy today so I'm not surprised some of the flowers and decorations at the graves were a bit in need of some TLC. 

It was a beautiful day which started out as a cool rainy morning but ended sunny. Looks like we got about an inch or so of rain last night.  Everything outside is a healthy green and the flowers are beautiful.  Now, if we can continue to have just the perfect amount of rain throughout the summer.  But that's God's decision but I can always wish.

My brother and I are treating mom to a weekend out of town for Mother's Day.  We'll do a bit of sightseeing and of course have some interesting things to do to make Mother's Day memorable for her.  Of course, my SIL and I are also moms but we wanted to concentrate more on mom this year.  My SIL lost her mom several years ago and I'm thrilled she's excited to share her special day with her MIL. I hope to get some family and individual shots of us all this year - maybe enough to make a photo album. 

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