Friday, May 27, 2011

Matches, Candles, and Batteries

There's lots of dirty laundry on my to do list today.  Two loads are in the works, a couple more waiting. 

Looks like we might get some sprinkles today.  I cut a few flowers to put on my table and have some beautiful blue hydrangeas blooming profusely next to the door.  I don't have much luck with those as cut flowers - surely there must be a secret to keep them perky.  With these being so gorgeous, it would be worth replacing them as soon as they begin to wilt.  But first things first - I must attack the laundry. 

A bluebird couple is checking out the bluebird house.  Not sure if they are the previous occupants, but there is plenty of fluttering and checking and peeking and chats on the roof.  Sure would be nice to see another family in there since it's been vacant and a bit sad since the previous little family of birdlings left. 

10:30 pm
Our electricity went off today when a bad storm hit the area while I was at mom's house.  This storm arrived so quickly, I barely had time to look at her and say, "I think we need to go down to your basement!"  It wasn't funny and also she doesn't have a basement  - and knew this storm not one to laugh at, but that's the way I am. 

It blew through as quickly as it arrived and I heard a tree fall just at the time the power went out.  When I went to the door to check on the damage, I saw a huge tree had fallen across the road near her driveway but hadn't hit any electric line.  It missed my car by a few feet and completely blocked the road.  We began moving broken limbs and then tried to move the tree.  Right.  But we tried.  At that point, some neighborhood men drove up and we all tried to move the tree.  Right.  No luck with that weight.  No one had a chain saw, so one guy hooked a big rope on the end of it and drug it with his truck until it was parallel to the side of the road. The testosterone was really flowing at this point.  I didn't have my camera but saw so many awesome shots in my head. 

After I helped move limbs and debris from mom's yard, I came home and picked up the litter from ours.  Sweetz was not home but I enjoy a challenge - occasionally - as long as I can work on the project a bite at a time.  The power stayed off until 9:30. Sweetz and I were settling in with a battery-operated radio and candles when the power returned. 

Missed my computer the most.  We have a generator but felt the power would be restored fairly quickly so never even started it. 

We managed fine, but there is a neighbor with a tree resting on his roof, two other neighbors with trees smashed on their outdoor utility buildings, trees in yards, trees across the road all up and down the road. I'm not sure the storm would be categorized as a tornado, but some of the people said they watched the storm and it was whizzing around in a circle and the trees and limbs were twisted.  I am thankful everyone is ok.  Life goes on...around another curve.

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