Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turning the Wheel

We're here in the Seagrove area and today was spent touring some local potters and their shops.  Very interesting.  We toured two public centers where some of the potters have samples of their line, but I never could find DirtWorks.  So, I checked the map we were given and found where his studio is located.  Wasn't hard to find and was only about a mile from where we were.  He even came out from behind his wheel to talk to us.  Nice man.  I've been in his shop several years ago, but he never came out front to talk.  He said his business has been slow so he likes to stop and talk to customers.  I found two drinking ummm cups/glasses...shaped like a glass, but now wondering what is the proper name of a drinking vessel when it's made of clay?  Drinking clay?  Drinking pottery?  Naahhh, nothing sounds proper. 

He has a bunch of new designs and colors, but the reason I went was to get something to match what I already have but quickly noticed it is obviously part of an "older" line.  I understand that since I'm now in that category myself.   I thought it would be nice to buy something to actually use in the camper.  At the prices I paid, Sweetz promised me he'll try not to chip them!!!  When we travel perhaps I need to poke them in one of the drawers for safety.  Nope, I'll treat them gently but not with kid gloves.  Life is for the living. 

Here's a shot of one corner of the DirtWorks studio.  One of those large vases, maybe 3 feet high/18" in diameter was listed at $2800.  And yes, the decimal is in the correct position!  Needless to say, I walked gingerly through his shop.    

And this is a shot of some unfired pottery items which are white at this stage.  Forgot the proper name of items at this stage.  But they are waiting a coat of glaze.  After firing, the colors may be red, white, black, blue, brown or possibly with a design in several colors.   

We have a neighbor!  He came in this morning and was set up in record time. Obviously he is super adept at picking spots and hooking up in record time.  He came over and said he was going into "town" and asked if he could bring us anything back.  Nooooow, wasn't that neighborly of him! 

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