Monday, May 9, 2011

Lynchburg Mother's Day weekend

Sweetz and I took mom to Lynchburg where we met my brother and wife to celebrate Mother's Day weekend together.  It seemed that everyone had a great time.  We had such fun talking and teasing for the weekend.  No one got much sleep but we can catch up later.  Speaking of sleep, I feel like I could roll into bed now and sleep till noon tomorrow. 

Here's mom heading to the motel room, watching her step so she doesn't trip on the curb. 

We stopped by Red Hill - the retirement estate of Patrick Henry who died and is buried there on the property. 

While there we met Patrick Henry Jolly, a 5th generation descendant of Patrick Henry who graciously told us all about the land, the buildings, the family, etc.  He was ever so interesting and knew enough to fill an encyclopedia.  And he gave us the "Give me liberty or give me death speech too! 

We toured the D-Day Memorial which was an inspiring and moving tribute to the brave men who gave their lives for freedom.

We ate lunch at Olde Liberty Station, a station remodeled into a restaurant with memorabilia to see and experience.  And while we were eating a train actually ran past the restaurant on the tracks right outside our window.  The food was outstanding - including the fantastic chocolate swirl cheese cake.  Wow!  Now, I wonder why I didn't get a picture of it since it looked as scrumptious as it tasted.  Guess it was because I scarfed it down faster than I could click a picture.  But trust was awesome.

We went to church on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day, got a family picture taken by the church, then enjoyed a delicious seafood meal at Red Lobster.  So many memories of a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. 

Now, what can I do with all the pictures I took?  Well, a nice scrapbook would be nice - or maybe one of those memory albums that all the online printing websites offer.  But how does one trim down pictures to just a few and and still capture the awesome weekend we experienced?  Impossible...

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