Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tis A Mystery

I'm suffering from a serious addiction to sudoku.  At least I know that I can count from 1-9! 

This morning, Sweetz and I took his van to the shop because there was something wrong with the steering mechanism.  Tim said his business has really dropped off and there's now no waiting line.   That's gotta be a sign of our sagging economy.  We took the opportunity to have a 2-egg breakfast at a local restaurant which offers home-style cooking.  Pretty nice and I didn't have to cook that meal.  Not long after we finished breakfast and started a bit of shopping for some flowers for a few planters on the front porch, Tim called to say the van was ready.  Wow!  That didn't take as long as I expected!  Cost $106 and was ready in two hours.  So, we drove back to get the van and met again to continue shopping for the remaining things on our list. 

There was an Arby's nearby so Sweetz suggested we eat lunch there.  Now at this point, I'm not hungry but he says his breakfast is gone.  OK, fine, so we head through the line.  There's no way I could eat all my sandwich and fries so I wrapped the remaining half and brought it home.  Couldn't see throwing out all that roast beef. After all, a steer gave his all for me to have that sandwich.  It will be delicious warmed up for supper.  As we were eating, I noticed the menu on the wall above the order counter and I found what I need to get next time: The Jr. sandwich, Jr. fries, and Jr. drink.  Thinking small, like the size I'd like to see me in again. 

Yesterday, I wanted biscuits after my friend Bobbie said she was going to Hardees for a biscuit.  I could just TASTE a steaming hot biscuit - so I made a batch.  Sure were good with a bit of butter and some local honey.  Yummmmmm, that's some FINE EATING.  Mom stopped by here this evening before dark asking if I would give her some more biscuits - so I gave her half of what was left.  She said they were the best she's ever eaten.  Well, I doubt it was THAT good, but she knows how to schmooze a daughter to get what she wants.

Our garden is beginning to produce for us now and here's a section of our little backyard garden.  In the foreground are bean plants just beginning to form flowers and in the background are cabbage plants forming some decent sized heads.  Now, that's some good garden produce.  With our plentiful rains this spring, the garden has really gotten off to a great start.  Hope it continues since we sure do love to eat everything it produces.  Plus it keeps down the $$ the grocery store sucks out of my wallet.  But eating out is nice too for a change, not as good as homecooking, but rather good at times, and a garden makes you appreciate the word fresh.  

The other day while I was out trimming some out-of-bounds plants around the yard, I saw this abandoned nest and pulled it out.  It held only this one tiny broken egg with some dried yolk still there.  I'm thinking it was a cardinal since I noticed Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were spending a lot of time going in and out of this bush a few weeks ago.  Tis a mystery.  Originally were there more eggs to produce little Cardies or was this the odd one that didn't get fertilized, or did an animal/snake do this?  Yep, tis a mystery...

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