Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Covered Bridge

10AM:  It's sunny and warm, birds chirping.  Oh but wait, what is that noise?  A motor?  It's a lawn mower.  The campground owner is mowing the grass to get ready for the onslaught of campers this weekend.  The flowers are perky, the bath houses are tidy, the  outlets have been double-checked, the trash bins sport clean liners, the pool is sparkling.  The owners will be exhausted by next week when most everyone leaves.  I understand 3 older couples bought this place and have really improved the facilities.  They are quite energetic as they check and fix and fluff everything here.

We drove to see a covered bridge this morning.  I didn't know there was one in the area, but one of the campers was telling us about it.  It was pretty neat.  The pictures look like it's leaning, but it wasn't.  We walked all around it and then walked the trail around the area.

There's also an aeronautical museum in this area too, but Sweetz hasn't seemed excited to see it.  He was a Navy guy so airplanes must not interest him as much as ships. I suggested we stop at the museum tomorrow, but got a rather glassy stare.  Ummm, guess that was a not interested look.

We met a fellow camper today and visited with him awhile.  He's been a widow for 5 years and said he was hoping to find a wife that wanted to travel.  He has a 31' camper and a toad, a darling little perky gray dog, and had lots of interesting stories of his experiences in the military.  Another camper asked for my email address and said she was going to send me some pictures of G that they took last night as he was catching the big fish, but so far I haven't gotten them.  This has turned out to be one of the few campgrounds where the people have been this friendly.  Then there are the 3 campers parked together near us who barely wave as you go by.  Oh well, we'll just enjoy the friendlier ones. We'll be pulling out tomorrow - our respite days will be over and it's back to the house and the weeds and the garden and the mowing and the dust bunnies... Well, one must take the lumps to make the smooth seem sweeter. 

It finally got too hot for me so I flipped on the AC.  Ahhhhh, now THAT feels better.  After lunch clean-up, I finished the book I was reading and then before I knew it my eyes were drooping.  Yep, a nap was just the thing I needed. I fixed a ham, rice, and tossed salad supper.  Hit the spot.  There's nothing on TV we want to see so we tried watching a movie, but that wasn't good either. I'll put a few pictures on the blog and then start a new book until the sleepies attack my eyelids. Doubt it will be long.  

And I did remember to take a picture of the new pottery "glasses".  It's amazing a man can take a lump of clay and mold a beautiful piece like this! Reminds me of the scripture where God compared us to a lump of clay and He molds us into a beautiful creation.   

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