Monday, May 23, 2011

Camping Day2 Mon

We had quite a storm last night: rain, thunder, and lightning.  Woke me several times but I went on back to sleep.  There were two tent campers in our section and I worried about them, but talking to them both today, they said they did fine.  They both packed up this morning and drove away.

Yep, that's a VW bug with 4 people and all their camping essentials!
Didn't get a picture of the other couple.  They were friendlier and said they stayed dry all night during the storm.  In fact the Mrs. said he didn't even wake during the thunder and lightning.  Wow, that's amazing.  I wore my sleep mask which sure helped me have a good night's sleep.  We awoke to a foggy morning but it's now sunny and warm. 

We walked around the campground this morning, checked out about half the buildings, took a trail by the fishing pond which came out next to the activity room.  This was one corner.  There were table games, 2 pianos, books, movies, fireplace, tables with checkers, puzzles, etc.  There's another building way far away for the teens with jukeboxes, pool tables, ping pong tables, arcade games, etc.  That's one place I don't want to be, for sure, this weekend.

We're going to the zoo now - might see some of our ancestors!  hehe  Yep, I'll take my camera and snap a few animals.  Hope they are awake and moving around. 

I survived the zoo.  Sweetz does fine - exceptionally, in fact.  The place involves a long walk with alot of walking between exhibits.  After 3 hrs, my legs hurt from the toes up to my hips.  SweetSteps, on the other hand, could have gone another 8 hours.  Maybe I'm out of shape.  Yipes, could that be true?  Me??? Out of shape.  When did that happen??  

The animals cooperated in about half of the viewing areas.  Would have expected all of them to be napping in the shade.  Maybe that's why they are in shape and I'm not.  The brown bear was resting his head on the rock in his pond.  And the colorful bird in the aviary sat still until I got my picture.  The flamingos were either napping on one or two legs or else were checking out the area for food morsels.  There were snakes, fish, gorillas, turtles, alligators, bison, antelope, zebra, monkeys, birds, fox, bears, cougars, giraffes, and a zillion more.  Too bad my legs gave out before I finished seeing everything.      

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