Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Feedings

This vibrant bluebird daddy spent his day flitting back and forth to the nest feeding the little ones with bugs and other tasty insect morsels.  Momma BB was seen today with a HUGE grasshopper in her mouth.  Bet the birdling chosen for that feeding was satisfied for a long time after that meal!

The Hubster decided to have strawberries over his waffles this morning for breakfast.  Looks rather tasty.  I chose to scatter mine over cereal. 

And here's our healthier than usual lunch.  Last night's leftovers from girlfriend dinner was divided (chicken parmesan over spaghetti) and shared our plate with salad, cooked cabbage, and some of our own potatoes (dug this morning).  Fresh food is soooooo gooooood right now.  I need to see a lower number on the scales so am thinking our garden will help me eat healthier. Of course, portion control is obviously important too.  But how do I stop eating such delicious fresh food?  The remainder of today's strawberries were mixed with some other fresh fruit for dessert.  Everything was delicious.  We should have fresh strawberries for another couple of weeks, so I plan to bake a cake tonight so I can spoon over some of these bright red beauties.  Looks like my bike will be carting me around the neighborhood again for some needed exercise.  Tomorrow...yes tomorrow I will get out again for a nice long ride.

Our peonies are so pretty this year.  The Hubster decided to cut some (along with the flowers from a sage plant) to decorate the table.  I'm so thrilled God has blessed us with such beautiful flowers to enjoy this spring.

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