Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Sweetz left today to run some errands and was gone for several hours.  I took the time to clean the fridge and throw out some stuff.  There was the jar of jelly with maaaaybe 1 tsp of jelly in the bottom. ????Why does he keep that???  Yes, him...since I don't eat jelly except maybe once a year.  Then some containers with "stuff" in them, sometimes even I don't know what's in them. Old apples, soggy carrot, slicky gummy lettuce.  The list continues and you get the picture.  I took out all the shelves, drawers, holders and washed it top to bottom and then returned all the clean shelves/drawers and put the goodies back in.  Not a bad job if I say so myself.  The hardest part? - figuring out how to get the shelves/drawers back in since this is a fairly new fridge and I had never dismantled it before.  The reassembling had me twisting and kneeling and turning and flipping to figure out how the lower drawer/shelf was inserted.  Once I solved the first one, the rest went in fairly quickly.   The fridge is a tight fit to the cabinets on the right side so never could open the door completely so even then some prime-time maneuvering was required, but I prevailed.  Looks so good, I want to keep the door open and admire my work - but that's not smart and I'm smarter than I look.  :)

When Sweetz returned, he admired my clean fridge. 
Of course, he commented
that there was alot more room now. 
Well, noooooooo
I didn't tell him I had thrown stuff away. 
Like I said, I'm smarter than I look!

Look what Sweetz found in the garden.  This little guy showed his annoyance at being picked up by peeing all over his hand.  I had to laugh.  Really...it was hilarious!  The little guy was returned to the garden to help rid the area of some pesky bugs and he'll be rewarded with a few cukes and tomatoes as the summer progresses.

After supper I went outside and pruned things in the backyard that were getting out of hand.  Doesn't take long with all these spring showers to have overgrown shrubbery, flowers, trees, and plants.  It was a nice evening and I enjoyed listening to the birds chirping - guess they were enjoying the last moments of the day and I noticed they made the same sounds they make first thing in the morning.  Why is it I never noticed that before? 

My pruning project started near the door and then swung around to inch around the beds, to the side yard, and eventually into the front yard.  Then it started sprinkling but I kept on pruning.  Then it got harder and I kept pruning.  Then it POURED and being that I am smarter than I look....I stopped.  Stood under the eave of the house and waited patiently (after awhile it was impatiently) for the rain to stop.  After all, I had an agenda to complete the job TODAY before it got dark.  It won, I lost. 

But I did go back outside
and stood under that same eave
and took a picture of the rain pouring cats and dogs
 on my backyard pruning job.
I admired what I had done
 and then knew
that I'll be back outside 
completing the job another day.
The job - and I - will wait.

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