Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Stomping Grounds

I have a friend who does lots of great things for other people.  And every now and then I get help too...she reads my blogs and politely tells me when I flub my spelling or grammar.  It's nice to have friends like that!

She invited me to lunch today back at the old stomping grounds.  You know...sitting in the cafeteria at our "regular" table with some of our friends who still work there and some who come back occasionally to socialize.  Oh, there are tooooooo many memories that don't allow me to relax and go there. Anyhow, the sheriff still works there! Haven't set my eyes on her or felt her bite in a bit over a year and don't want to ruin my awesome life meeting up with that one.  Brrrrrr, just felt a huge shiver just thinking about that... Sometimes the gang will suggest we go to a local restaurant and I will gladly join them when they choose that option.

Benjamin Netanyahu is to meet with Mr. Obama today.  I'd love to be a fly in that room.  I hope the Israeli PM stands firm and doesn't relinquish to any negotiation that would require them to release even a square inch of their present land. 

Mom and I ran a few errands today and decided to eat lunch in town while we were out.  We went to an interesting eatery.  They decorate in the 50's theme and had statues, pictures, signs, paraphernalia from that era.  There was even a local singer who entertained us with 50's music.  She was excellent too!! 

These two guys were hanging out near our table. 

There was a interesting item hanging next to the back door:

And guess who was in the ladies' room? 
Betty Boop who was nearly life size. 

Benjamin Netanyahu met with Mr. Obama today
and I was pleased Bibi remained strong -
Israel won't compromise on their land borders.

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