Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keep the Hankie Handy

What a GORGEOUS spring day!  Love it, love it, love it.  Oh, but the pollen is so heavy right now, I have to keep a hankie handy. The Sweetz One mowed the lawn today while the pollen and dust and clippings and dirt filled the air with unhealthy things that breathing was difficult to say the least.  I stayed outside anyway picking up twigs that continually fall from our trees.  Guess that's my chore since he will just mow right over them, roots, rocks, sticks - whatever gets in his path.  Seems the mower blade would be dull by now and it probably is, but nothing slows that man down.  He has things to do and he's out to get 'er done. 

I invited mom for supper - had a fresh salad with our own romaine lettuce and lots of other great ingredients.  Yummy was the perfect description.  I also fixed grilled chicken and served them with onions and peppers with our own potatoes.  Yep, yummy was the perfect description.  Then for dessert I served a slice of my very tasty pound cake topped with a combination of fresh pineapple, blueberries, and our own strawberries.  Oh, oh, oh.  Just thinking about it now, makes me smile.  Yep again, the perfect description was yummy.  

Dishes are done (by hand tonight for some stupid reason) and I'm about beat.  Talked to a friend on the phone who invited us to go to their church tomorrow for a special dinner after the service.  We probably will go to our own church, but it was nice to be asked.  She's had some medical issues, but I think her health is back under control now.  Whew, it was rough there for awhile, but I'm so thankful she seems so much better. 

I planted the remainder of my seedlings today since they were getting pretty big for the little cups and it will be easier to take care of them in the flowerbed rather than remembering to water those little cups which dry out every day.  There are lots of seeds left that I can now scatter directly in the flowerbeds but it was fun starting the little seedlings inside over the last days of winter.  My latest hobby is sudoku puzzles.  I've become addicted to those.  I'm about half finished the puzzles in my book which has over 100 games.  That book moves from room to room with me as I work on completing first one and then start another.  Time slithers away but I'm happy. It's good to be happy, not to mention they should be good to keep my mental status sharp.  LOL That's debatable.  Not sure what I will do next.  I have 3 tote bags which I want to decorate with something I will paint.  The question is what to paint on them.  I like geraniums - so perky in their gorgeous red blooms and ruffled leaves so one bag will probably be painted with them.   Also want to make a couple pair of capris (to wear on our western ho trip - if we get to go).  This time I hope to keep my fingers away from the needle!!  Yes the finger is going to be fine with no infection or loss of digit.  Sore though, but this is a good reminder to be more careful.

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