Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honoring Our Fallen Vets

It's hot, hot, hot.  The kind of hot that sizzles the brain and creates headaches that go on for hours pounding the skull and weakening the vision.  We will be craving this hot weather next winter, but at the moment a big glass of water is attempting a miracle.

Church was good this morning, the preacher spoke on the Lord's Prayer.  He pointed out the 3 R's - no, not reading, writing, 'rithmetic.  These were pray Relationally, pray Reverently, and pray Rationally. 

Some friends from church want to go camping with us a few days next week - conflicts have interfered in the past but maybe we can make it work this time.

After a delicious shared pizza, Sweetz and I attended a moving Memorial Day service dedicated to honor our fallen soldiers.  It was hot but was only a taste of what our military have suffered for our freedom.  


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