Friday, May 6, 2011

Plans and Surprises

Spring flowers are popping out around the yard - some solid favorites, some real surprises.  The white iris is a surprise.  But I love this type of surprise.

My brother and I (plus spouses) are planning a special Mother's Day occasion for mom this weekend.  She knows some of it, but it should be nice and I'm sure she will enjoy herself.  It's usually just me doing this so I'm thrilled my brother and wife were so receptive to being included.  I even have printed out schedules to keep us moving.  Everyone had some input in the activities so I think we should have a great time.  Maybe next year we'll do a scavenger hunt or artist's competition. LOL  Ahhhh, the possibilities are endless...

I bought mom two books for Mother's Day - haven't wrapped them yet.  Am still wondering if I have any appropriate wrapping paper.  I really don't want to go out again - so some creativity might end up being brought into the equation. 

This picture is one of the two - a book for a mom to use to complete and answer various questions about her childhood, memories, thoughts, favorites, etc.  I'm anxious for her to complete each page and this will be something I'll value for many years.  Even at age 89 she has excellent memory and brain function so this should be an accurate account of her life. 

The other book is a book on America which she has mentioned she would like to read.  She's an avid reader, so I predict she'll have this book read within a day or two.  And yes, I found some wrapping paper - decorated with pink rosebuds.  Wow, didn't even remember having this roll.  Both books are now wrapped but still need ribbon. Oh, but I have some fluffy yarn which would make an adorable creative ribbon.  She'll love it. 

The first GOP debate was carried on TV last night.  I wanted to watch it, but the sleepies won.  Of course the TV commentators all have differing opinions of how it went.  Sure hate the election process is so spread out - but after all, it will take awhile for the voters to determine how each candidate feels about all the issues. 

Hubster just brought me the mail - ahhhh, SURPRISE - a Mother's Day card and note from our son/wife with a gift card! WoooHooo!! 
And an adorable card from our grandsons with a sweet little note they wrote themselves.  Life as a Nana is sweeeeeeet. 

Let me take this time to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the 
mothers around the world.  

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