Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rust, Router, Reprieve

Sweetz and I went to Lowes one day to browse and get a few things. One item we needed was a recessed light cover for our shower. A new one was EVER so overdue. Rusted. Definitely a mess. Since it wasn't high on our priority list, it got busted to the bottom too many times. Such a simple - rather inexpensive item. But now the new one is up after a bit of tweaking. The hooks didn't line up with the light casing, but Sweetz with handy wire clippers did the trick. A tweak or two with the pliers and we were in business. The new one is vinyl and is white so no rust to show on the outside. Naturally, there's a bit of rust on the white tiles so I'm on the lookout for some solution to clean it easily. For now, I'm impressed and proud.

It's a weekend - not nearly as exciting as it was when working - but I'll take this 6-day Saturday/1-day Sunday week anytime.

The perm turned out ok, a bit tight but it will relax in a few days. ScissorLady Lori trimmed the ends and cut the back so I should be good to go for another 6 weeks. Then my locks will be straight again and it will be another scoot to the Lori's chair for a snip-it session. She will be at the beach this week so she'll be tanned and relaxed when she returns. I'm not jealous - although I'm getting eager for our trip west after Christmas. Hope everything works out so we can get on the road to see the other half of our country.

Our weather today has turned cooler and wet. It's such a strange feeling to have highs in the low 70*s. I could get used to this weather. But we still have another month or so of hot summer weather, so this is just a reprieve and a tease - but still welcome.

Our son came today for a visit. Was great to see him. We went to eat BBQ and then stopped at Radio Shack to buy a new wireless router which we came home and installed. Now, both computers are once again online at the same time. Ahhhhh, I'm happy. We filled some bags with veggies and a cantaloupe to take home so his family will be eating garden-style for a few days. He got his 90-day job eval last week and passed with flying colors. He'll be up for a raise and perhaps a promotion at the 6-month mark so he was grinning and let me read the great evaluation write-up. Now I have PROOF that others think as highly of him as his Mom and Dad!!

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