Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Siamese Twins

It rained yesterday - a nice rain that would prevent the need for the hose to be hauled out. The front porch seemed like such a fun place to experience the rain. It blew onto me but I was doing my best to keep my camera dry. A wet camera is not a good thing to experience I understand. Rule #1 in my camera manual: Do not get camera wet. So, I did my best. But how can I get rain shots without being close to the rain? Ok, so the camera hid under my blouse until I wanted a shot. Zap, a picture was taken and then it slid back under again. Whew, it seems to be ok.

We continue to get a few veggies from the garden daily. And one of those was Siamese squash yesterday. We get just enough to feed us plus a bit over. My mom and a neighbor are getting the excess - and both seem to be pleased to take them off our hands. Love it when some one's eyes pop out and a big grin rambles across their face as they lovingly caress the veggies. It's a good feeling to share with others. No, I didn't share the Siamese squash. But I do have a picture of it now.

Today seemed like a good time to break out the beads. I decided to make a few pair of earrings and while the supplies were out, I made a pearl watchband. Now, I have plenty plus. But I stayed out of trouble! Sweetz was out and about so had some freedom and that's the way I decided to entertain myself while he was gone. Oh, and to walk again. Today was Day 3 of my new resolution. Well, the latest resolution anyway. The task: Cutting the Blubber. Some pounds need to be removed from my frame and this week sounded like a great time to get serious. And how long does it take for a pound of blubber to permanently remove itself from the frame? Well, each pound removed will take 3500 calories to be burned. Then multiple 3500 times the number of pounds to be lost and out comes a HUGE NUMBER. Can I do this? Well, sure. It took a long time to gain it. But hopefully with some determination, each pound will melt away alot faster. At least I have a goal and a plan.

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